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SCA Crew Wages War on Invasives!

Invasive SweetcloverDID YOU KNOW: Invasive plants such as sweetclover share similar habitats and pollinators with Alaska's native berries.

According to the UAF Institute of Arctic Biology, warmer climates are allowing invasive plants to take hold in Alaska and possibly lure pollinators away from native berries. "If bees and other pollinators abandon native berries for invasive plants like sweetclover, we could see a lot fewer fruits on these plants," says UAF ecologist Christa Mulder.

On July 8, a Student Conservation Association crew doing trail work at the BLM Campbell Tract for two weeks spent a full day removing invasives like sweetclover near developed areas of the tract.

The SCA crew previously worked for the Anchorage Park Foundation and the Municipality of Anchorage's Youth Employment in Parks (YEP) program. The SCA crew offers successful YEP participants the opportunity to continue another season performing work for partners, including the BLM and the Chugach National Forest. The SCA gives Alaskan youth valuable hands-on experience while enjoying recreational opportunities and exploring natural resource careers on Alaska's public lands.

 Student Conservation Association crewmembers at BLM Campbell Tract

An SCA crew working on the BLM Campbell Tract in Anchorage takes a break from trail work to lend a hand against alien invaders. SCA crewmembers (left to right): Jessie, Tim, Dylan, Jamie, Sunday, Alyeska and Brandon (front). Back row: Tim Stallard and Sue Salmons of the Anchorage Park Foundation. Far right: SCA crew leaders Seth Carvill and Kelly Sutter.


SCA crewmembers wearing Team BLM tees

TEAM BLM flexes some muscle in the war on weeds!