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Photo of Karen KelleherAnchorage District Manager Karen Kelleher

Karen joined BLM-Alaska in January 2012 as the Anchorage District Manager. She enjoys exploring Alaska and working with our many BLM partners, local communities, Alaska Natives, and other constituents. 

Karen moved to Alaska from Wenatchee, WA, where she was the Wenatchee Field Manager from 2008-2012. Prior to her time in Washington, she worked in the Phoenix District as the Sonoran Desert National Monument Manager and Lower Sonoran Field Office Planner. She began her career with the federal government in 1999, working for two years in D.C. at the Department of the Interior policy office and the BLM planning division. 

Prior to joining the federal government, Karen was a software and systems engineer in the computer industry for 8 years. She has a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Union College and a master’s degree in landscape ecology from Duke University. 

Contact: (907) 267-1246 or (800) 478-1263

Photo of Alan BittnerAnchorage Field Manager Alan Bittner joined the BLM-Alaska team in December 2012. Alan moved to Alaska from Nevada, where he served as Assistant Field Manager in Carson City for four years. He oversaw the environmental education, forestry, range, recreation, wildlife and wild horse and burro programs, and developed successful internal and external partnerships. Prior to his time in Nevada, he worked for over 15 years with the U.S. Forest Service and the BLM in Idaho. 

As Manager of the Anchorage Field Office, Alan oversees 17 million acres of BLM-administered lands and resources in western, south-central, and southeast Alaska.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in biology from Cornerstone University of Michigan.

Contact: (907) 267-1246 or (800) 478-1263

Glennallen Field Manager Dennis Teitzel: A northern Californian by birth, Dennis grew up in the Bay area, in what was then the small town of Antioch.  At 17 he joined the United States Marine Corps and served his country for 30 years with tours in Japan, Korea, and Afghanistan.  Dennis received a great deal of his natural resource management experience working as the Range Management Officer for 6 years on the Twentynine Palms Marine Corp Air Ground Combat Center in the Mojave Desert.  Dennis earned his degree while serving in the military.  At age 40 he graduated with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with an emphassis in adult education.  He spent several years training younger service men and women before retiring in 2007.  Dennis was then hired by the BLM and worked 4 years at the District Administrative Officer in Butte, Montana.  Dennis recently hales from Billings where he was the Branch Chief in the Montana State Office.  

Dennis is accustomed to rural America and has been to Alaska many times while in the military.  He has experienced interior winters, summers, and coastal rains.  His wife, Carol tele-works for the U.S. Forest service Region 10 in Juneau.  They have 4 children and 8 grandchildren living throughout different parts of the United States.  "I have never met anyone that I couldn't get along with," states Dennis.  "With me, what you see, is what you get.  I look forward to getting to know the communities in this management area.  And my wife is ecstatic to be moving here!"  

Contact: (907) 822-3217 or visit the Glennallen Field Office website

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