Campbell Airstrip

Encroaching vegetation on Campbell Airstrip 2011Campbell Airstrip Integrated
Plant Management Plan

Whew! What's that?

Native vegetation has grown into the compacted gravel surface of Campbell Airstrip. Both woody and non-woody species are loosening the gravel and compromising the integrity of the airstrip.

In addition, non-native invasive plants are rapidly colonizing the airstrip and could infest adjacent natural areas. Aircraft departing Campbell Airstrip could inadvertently transport invasives to remote locations.

Cessna Caravan 206 departing Campbell AirstripWhat can be done about it?

BLM proposes to develop and implement an Integrated Plant Management Plan for the airstrip to control unwanted vegetation and prevent the spread of invasive species to remote airstrips. This plan involves both mechanical (mowing) and herbicide (chemical) treatments to the gravel airstrip, the apron, ramp, and the multi-use trail that parallels the airstrip.

As part of this process, the BLM will prepare an environmental analysis. The Campbell Airstrip Integrated Plant Management Plan and the supporting analysis will be posted here when completed in February 2012.

If approved, Integrated Plant Management treatment may occur as soon as the summer of 2012. BLM would place signs alerting the public prior to and during treatment activities. We'll also update this website, so please check back periodically. 

For more information...

If you'd like to know more about this project, or have comments and recommendations, please contact Project Lead Laurie Thorpe.

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