Campbell Tract Leaf

Cover of summer 2009 Campbell Tract newsletterWant to know more about what's happening at Campbell Tract? The Campbell Tract Leaf is a nifty little publication chock full of news tidbits and other useful information about the 730-acre BLM Campbell Tract, located adjacent to Far North Bicentennial Park in Anchorage.

The Leaf is published quarterly (more or less) and includes topics such as visitor safety, outdoor recreation, trail maintenance, public events and volunteer opportunities on the Campbell Tract, news about the BLM Campbell Creek Science Center, and much more.

At the Anchorage Field Office, we believe being a good neighbor means keeping YOU in the loop about what happens on your public lands at Campbell Tract.  So whether you're our neighbor from a nearby subdivision, a trail user from across town, or a visitor from the "Lower 48," you might find the Leaf useful if you plan to visit Campbell Tract.

If you'd like to get on the mail list to receive the Campbell Tract Leaf at your home address, let us know!

Campbell Tract Leaf archives (in Adobe Acrobat PDF):

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