Welcome to the BLM Campbell Tract

BLM Campbell Tract Bike to Work Team, June 2014

BLM Campbell Tract bicycle commuters pause for a group photo on Anchorage Bike to Work Day, June 4, 2014.

The scenic 730-acre Campbell Tract in Anchorage serves as an administrative site for the Anchorage Field Office. The tract includes offices, a warehouse, an outdoor education center, communication sites, and an active airstrip and heliport. The unpaved airstrip is used for various state and federal purposes, and provides an emergency runway for the region in the event of earthquake.

The Campbell Tract also serves as a forested outdoor recreation and education site in the heart of Anchorage. More than 120,000 users visit the Campbell Tract each year. With its 12 miles of trails, the tract offers four-season outdoor recreation opportunities.

 The area’s diverse plants, wildlife, and habitats provide the ideal outdoor classroom for the Campbell Creek Science Center. This unique outdoor education center serves as a regional resource to promote appreciation, understanding, and stewardship of BLM-administered lands throughout Alaska. 

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